Friday, December 31, 2010

My Appeal to YAB Prime Minister on PM Facebook Page

Sent: Mon, 19 July, 2010 12:40:17

On behalf of the tourist guides in Malaysia, we hope you will hear uson our dilemma.

FOREIGNERS AS MALAYSIA TOURIST GUIDES to replace our job when we aresuffering without much tour assignment.

We believe in your strong advocating in 'RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN' but here with 5000 families at stake in this move..., it is certainly difficult to convince my members of what we have been supporting the BN Government and Policies.

It is certainly unfair to mention that tourist are notcoming to Malaysia because our guides are no good.

It is unfair to sayour guides do not have quality when the process of Selection-Training-Examination-Licensing are been under the purview of the Ministry of Tourism.

YAB Prime Minister, please hear us and assure us of your protection as Malaysian.

President Jimmy Leong
Malaysian Tourist Guides Council