Monday, December 27, 2010

MTGC CIRCULAR : Licensed Tourist Guides who do not sit for their Confirmation Examination

Attention: All Affiliates,

The Licensing Division of the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia had issued letters to the many numbers of licensed tourist guides who have not bother to sit for their confirmation examinations after their two years of probation.

The letters are serious in their nature, as failure to adhere to the requirement would have their licenses revoked.

The Malaysian Tourist Guides Council had on many occasions reminded all tourist guides who needed to sit for their confirmation examinations to take it seriously but regret that many tourist guides prefer to ignored the reminders rather than to sign up for the courses.

In this aspect, MTGC hope that all Affiliates would audit their members, and identify the numbers required to sit for the confirmation examinations and to organize the Courses for them accordingly.

Should any of the Affiliates face any problems in such organizing these Courses, please kindly refer to MTGC for further details and assistance.

Thank you for your kind attention.

President Jimmy Leong Wie Kong
Malaysian Tourist Guides Council