Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sistem Pelesenan Industri Pelancongan

MoTour, has launched the above SPIP for the renewal of licenses by tourism industry members.
This e-renewal is available for tourist guides, tour operators, hoteliers, and licensed training institutes.

Payment for renewals still using wang post or postal order and collection of licenses or certificates will still have to be done as usual.

Kindly log on to: or www. or you can also access to this web at Level 35, PWTC, Bahagian Perlesenan.

Key in your I/C No ? as user and the password to enter is also "password". After you have updated your details, you should change your password accordingly.


1) Scan documents ready to be attached to your records: TG License, Mesra Malaysia certificate, SKM certificate or MoTour renewal letter, TGA membership renewal receipt, SPM/STPM/Diploma/Degree/any professional certificates, medical certificate (new TGs).

2) Enter : date of your TG course, date you joined your TGA, at least one reference person

3) Data entry: for assignments, key in your assigment as per writen on your form 1-20 etc

If you experience any problems, or have any questions, please contact MoTour licensing department @ 8891 7000 and share with other TGs through this website.

Thank you.

BTGA Management

Note : For further info on SPIP, please download MOTOUR presentation files given to BTGA at